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Phone: 800-268-9148
For grades: preK-6
Fees for live visit: $600-first show / $300-second show
Funding: May be eligible through your BOCES district in New York State, your local Cultural Council grant in Massachusetts, the NEST program in other New England states, and grant programs in other states as well.


Jay Mankita's Holiday show »

Come here this guy. . .I think he's one of the half dozen best songwriters today
--- Pete Seeger


This seasonal non-religious, participatory concert features a combination of songs and stories, with themes of kindness, generosity, sharing, and peace. Some of the songs are funny, and others are more serious.

The material, both original and collected, comes from a positive, ethical perspective, and encourages an attitude of kindness and generosity towards ourselves and each other.

On the 12th day of Recess, my parents gave to me:
12 Plumbers Strumming
11 Vipers Typing
10 Frogs a-leaping
9 Ladies who can’t sing
8 Maids a-cleaning
7 Swans a-sinking
6 Pizza’s laden
5 Moldy things
4 Calling cards
3 French poodles
2 Ninja turtle gloves
And the Partridge Family CD

* pre-concert CDs & guides so kids can learn the songs before the show
* indoor shows include colorful images & lyrics projected on the screen
* sound system and all equipment included
* optional class visits or veggie-van tours

Jay drives a veggie oil-powered van, and loves to show it after the concert, when that fits the schedule of the school.



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Jay Mankita is an American songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist. His touring van runs on recycled vegetable oil. He's based in the Northeast, but travels all over. Jay is a Putumayo Artist (Picnic Playground), and a Parents' Choice Award winner (Eat Like A Rainbow). One of Jay's songs (Junk Food Man) is featured on a 2011 Grammy-nominated album (Healthy Food For Thought). Jay writes and performs songs for kids about animals, ecology, and healthy food, in schools, libraries, fairs, and festivals. He has performed in over 1500 venues over the past 30 years, and has recorded 5 albums. Jay's musical assemblies are totally participatory, and feature colorful visual projections which include chorus lyrics to encourage singing along. CDs, posters, and teacher's guides are sent before the show. Free album downloads are made available for families. Grant funding may be available for several of Jay's shows.

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