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Phone: 800-579-8051
For grades: K-8
Requirements for live visit: This will all depend on program and location of the school
Fees for live visit: $450.00--$1500.00 depending on location and travel fees
Funding: I offer block discount booking rates, for example Cleveland Schools lined up 15 schools and each school paid $275.00, each performance.


Ventriloquist, School Speaker, Author, Bully Prevention Specialist »

"Your program was extraordinary and has generated much discussion in our classroom."
--- Jeri Enders, Vandenberg Elementary

We offer five Elementary Assembly Programs:

 The No Bully Club

Students learn what to do if they are a target of a bully, what to do if they think they are a bully how to get involved and prevent and reduce bullying in school.

 Diversity is Cool

Students learn how to understand and respect differences.

They come to understand the meaning of kindness, inclusion and cheering on others.

 I Feel Good

Self-esteem, self-confidence building program

They learn why it is important to cheer on yourself and have compassion toward others.

 It’s Ok to Walk Away

A conflict resolution program that teaches anger management, compromise, listening skills and taking responsibility for our actions

 Constitutional Fun

A Core Democratic Values program that explains the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence but also shares that patriotism includes respecting others, citizenship, honesty and common good.

 Exploring your Imagination

A reading program that explains the why it is so important to read but also demonstrates how it improves character, self-confidences and personal growth.

 Middle School Programs

 Eliminating the Bullying

The hilarious student/staff interaction and straightforward factual information will define: What is a bully? How do you know if you are a bully? How can teen bullying be stopped? They also learn how to work as a team to prevent and put an end to bullying behavior.

Think Before You Click

A funny, interactive Cyber Bullying program that explains the legal consequences and the long term ramifications

 Being a Wise Quack

A middles school character building program that teachers students how to be respectful, responsible and accountable for their actions

Putting Your Web Foot Forward-

a light hearted program that explains the importance of creating a mission statement, setting short term/long term goalsand working with teachers and mentors to plan a course of action.

Also available...

Duck Sense founder, Award winning Speaker, Ventriloquist, Richard Paul

Richard is a high energy, value driven, school assembly and educational conference presenter. He shares his passion for bully prevention education to audiences in both the United States and Canada. More than 600,000 students, teachers, counselors and administrators have heard his message. Each of his bully prevention and safe school programs offer an exceptionally creative and content rich presentation on self-esteem, character building, anti-bullying, cyber bullying, success skills and positive behavior support. His school assemblies and educational conference programs offer tools teachers, administrators, parents and students can implement to prevent and reduce bullying issues.

At a teacher’s conference in Lansing, Michigan, a teacher suggested that Richard start speaking at schools presenting self-esteem and diversity awareness programs. Soon after he produced his first bully prevention program, “I Feel Good,” a program that promotes self-esteem, self-respect and understanding and couple years later he added a conflict resolution, anger management program.

In the early 1990’s several teachers requested that he produce a school bullying program that would be funny but still explain what bullying is and what a student can do if they are being bullied. Richard knew what he wanted to say, but didn’t know how he could make it funny and still be educational. After a couple years of research and several re-writes, Richard’s No Bully Club program was born. It continues to be hit at middle school assemblies and elementary school assemblies throughout the United States and Canada. He now even has clients from Japan, England, Germany, Scotland and Australia interested in bringing him into their schools to present this hilarious, powerful, education program.

Over the last three years he has added on cyber bullying programs, authored a Duck Sense Bully Prevention curriculum and speaks at many anti-bullying, bully prevention, girl bullying and principal, teacher, youth and counselor “no bullying” conferences throughout the United States and Canada. After an educational conference, keynote speech or school assembly program, many teachers, parents and students have followed Richard Paul on Twitter, joined the No Bully Club on Facebook or joined in on the No Bullying Blog to share their success stories. Days after Richard’s elementary school assemblies,’ students have sent pictures and letters discussing how they plan to end bullying, improve self-esteem and reduce conflict. At the end of many of Richard’s middle school assembly programs students have shared how his program has motivated them to be better students and inspired them to want to set goals and look forward to their future.

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