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Phone: 877-336-7099
For grades: Elementary & Middle School
Requirements for live visit: Projection System
Fees for live visit: Email:
Funding: Ask about the 5 a Day Silly Bandz fundraiser option.


Sara Vance, Nutritionist, Kids Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor »

"I have to tell you, the assembly was a smashing success!!!! All three of my kids got the message! I cannot tell you how many times I've been asked whether items from our meals are mini-van or race car foods. Even my sixth grader told me after the assembly, during lunch, the kids were comparing their lunches and discussing how much "klunk junk" was included in a some of their meals. You really did a terrific job educating the kids on nutrition and in a way that sticks with them. Thanks again for sharing your talent of teaching with our kids!"
--- Stacy S. , mom of 3 elementary aged kids

Food is Your Fuel is a fun & inspiring school assembly about nutrition and health. The lessons are unique, memorable and get kids excited to try new foods and eat more fruits & vegetables.  Food is Your Fuel motivates kids to choose healthy foods, and teaches them how to use breathing and positive affirmations to help guide them to reach their goals and better manage stress.  Sara encourages kids to be the best they can be! 

Food is Your Fuel Lessons include:

  • Food is Your Fuel
  • Eat a Rainbow
  • The Sugar Rollercoaster
  • Adventuresome Eaters
  • Positive Affirmations & Breathing Techniques

Improved nutrition and stress management can boost:

  • Immunity
  • Attendance
  • Focus & attention
  • Mood/behavior
  • Energy

Optional - Add the 5 a Day Bandz fundraiser!  A healthy fundraiser that motivates kids to eat their fruits & veggies!

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“Education fosters independence in all areas of kids’ lives - including health & wellness.”  - Sara Vance

Sara Vance created the Food is Your Fuel assembly to share her passion for health and wellness with kids.   Sara gets kids excited about nutrition and teaches them what foods make their bodies & brains function and feel better. 

Sara knows first hand that making healthy choices is not always easy. A picky eater as a child, Sara’s diet was filled with too many sweetened and processed foods, and not enough fresh whole vegetables and fruits. This led to digestion problems, weight gain, and teasing. Sara has found the secret to good health through nutrition and yoga and is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health.  Sara has a special interest in kids’ health, she has a unique and fun way of talking about nutrition, that kids really connect to and remember.   Sara’s programs for kids include school assemblies, Kids Sports Nutrition, and more.

Owner of Rebalance Life, LLC, Sara has appeared on eHow, Fox 5 San Diego, CBS Los Angeles, and was recognized as a Lunchbox Hero by The Lunchbox Organization in Boulder, CO for her work educating kids about nutrition.

Credentials:  Nutritionist, Kids Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Sara's lessons are fun, memorable, and provide tools for healthy living that can last a lifetime. 


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