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Phone: (213) 928-5156
For grades: 7-12
Requirements for live visit: Dependable wireless microphone
Fees for live visit: $350 for first assemby, discounts apply for additional shows


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I have never, in all my years, seen 400 junior high students sit this quiet and be so captivated by a program.
--- Paul Abba, Vice Principal

As a speaker during your Career Day, Steven's presentation, "Turn Your Hobby into a Career" will inspire your students to look within themselves to find what will make them successful, whether they plan to go to college or not.  Steven's education as a physicist/mathematician will demonstrate the importance of education.  His skillls as a magician will demonstrate the importance of doing what you love.  A favorite of middle and high schools, Steven is asked to return year after year.

In addition, along the same lines, Steven's show, "Get Your Act Together" is an inspiring 'beginning of the school year' program to get your students energized to take responsibility for their own education.  Target audience, Junior and Senior High School students.

Finally, if you just need something in the middle of the year, Steven's program, "The Magic of Life" will teach your students what it takes to be successful, in any field.

Past clients include, Bakersfield City School District, Apple Valley Unified School District, Hesperia Unified School District, Long Beach Unified School District, Santa Maria-Bonita School District, many private, and many charter schools.

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Steven Steele began practicing magic at the age of 7 after seeing a magician perform on TV.  A couple of years later, Steven fell in love with physics and mathematics. The two passions began a fight for Steven's attention that lasts to this day.  He used magic to demonstrate scientific principles in school.  He performed professionally during as a physics student at the University of California.

He became a design enginer for the local water department and went on to manage water agencies for the next 10 years.  After that he became a Public Works Director for another 10 years. All during that time, running away to perform someplace on weekends.

When the liability insurance crisis hit California in the 80's, Steven with a couple of friends introduced the idea of allowing Special Districts to insure themselves. Working with California Legistators, Steven and his friends were able to get the State to allow Special Districts to form Joint Power Authorities for the express purpose of insuring themselves.  The Special District Insurance Authority was born and Steven was seated by the Governor as one of the founding board members, a position he held until he resigned 5 years later.

Several years ago (12 to be exact) magic finally won, and Steven retired from public service and went into magic full-time.  Primarily a corporate performer, about 3 years ago, Steven was invited to talk about his Career as a magician.  And that opportunity opened a whole new world for his skills.

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