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Phone: 847/564-9060
For grades: K-9
Fees for live visit: $500-900


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GreatWorks Theatre is one of the midwest's busiest touring companies, with 14 touring shows available for 2011-12, each of them either history/social studies or literature-based.  Our philosophy is to challenge each of your students to play at the top of their intellectual and emotional games, presenting shows that are inventive theatre as well as engaging in subject matter.  

Our menu of shows includes seasonal all-ages shows, shows designed to present big ideas in entertaining fashion, history-based shows that put human faces on real historical characters, and adaptations of some of the most famous books for young audiences. All of this done with an ensemble of 25 of Chicago's finest performers. Visit us online for more information about our menu of shows.

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GreatWorks Theatre is entering their 6th season as a stand-alone theatre, having started out as the educational programming division of Irish Repertory of Chicago. The company was founded by Irish Rep artistic director Matt O'Brien, a producer and director with 20 years experience working with theatres across the US and Europe, and some of the country's leading theatre artists, performers like John Mahoney, Estelle Parsons, and Daniel J. Travanti.

Starting with a group of three shows, GreatWorks has grown to include a line-up of fourteen original and inventive productions, with a combination of high energy shows about US history, the history of invention, and finance, to literary adaptions from some of the best loved books and stories. Each show is chosen with a specific age-range in mind, so your K-4th graders and your 5th-8th graders each have a range of shows particular to their interests and abilities. 

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