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Phone: 503-448-0203
For grades: 6-12
Requirements for live visit: Gym or Stage greater than 20' by 15'.
Fees for live visit: Programs and pricing varies call for quote
Funding: InnerActions is always looking for ways to supplement costs for schools. Typically approved for funding through art councils, community foundations, and systems of care grants.


Hip hop, Dance, Music, Multimedia, Acrobatics »

"InnerActions is a powerful and effective youth driven program. School administrators and mental health providers are encouraged to experience this innovative project."
--- Dr. Gary Blau- Chief of Child, Adolescent and Family Branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.(SAMHSA)

InnerActions is a one-hour, multi-media community
outreach performance written and choreographed for high
school audiences. Their goal: “Prevention through Inspiration.”
Through the creation of a ground-breaking new format
in theater production, the performance melds two artistic
mediums into a single show geared towards an audience of
their peers. One is a traditional stage show with Hip-Hop, tap,
acrobatics, and spoken word. The other is a fully-integrated
video which interweaves powerful cinematic images that
connect on a passionate level to the teen experience. What
sets this show apart is the use of a language that teens
are familiar with – Hip-Hop. For the last two decades we
have watched Hip-Hop go from street corners to prime time
television, becoming the voice of this generation. If you want
students to be fully engaged in the message, you must learn
to speak their language.  

InnerActions invites teens into their own worldview
and allows for actual experiences of youth to come alive on
stage with vibrancy and intensity. It allows the student to
become vulnerable, yet protected, through the perspective
of the performers. Within the context of the performance,
key elements of the decision-making process are explored,
such as risk assessment, delay of gratification, resistance
skills, harm avoidance, and the evaluation process that is
fundamental to making positive choices.

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InnerActions has been performing at schools and conferences throughout the U.S. since 2009. It was designed, developed, choreographed and produced FOR YOUTH BY YOUTH. It has been featured in the 2010 Georgetowns National Training Institute in Washington DC, Sierra health foundation 2010 conference in Sacramento CA,2011 Family Youth Roundtable Conference in San Diego, Teen Health Connection's 2011 "Charlotte Get Your Move On" campaign, and numerous middle and high school across California.

Available InnerActions Programs

  • Artist in Residence (AIR).  
  • InnerActions stand-alone show.
  • InnerActions show with AIR.
  • InnerActions show with AIR and incorporation of up to 10 local youth into performance.
  • Custom InnerActions performance designed around the specific needs of your community.

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