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Phone: 312-399-5124
For grades: K-5
Fees for live visit: $495-$995


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Sent home a message of teamwork and anti-bullying. Teachers were rocking in their seats and kids were singing the songs long after the band left. I had so many teachers ask us to bring it back next year.
--- Eva Warner Wallenpaupack Assembly Director Hawley, PA

Bullying in schools has become a serious issue for kids, families and educators. Inspired by his popular song, Makin' Waves, Leonardo's Anti-Bullying assembly is a fun, quick paced, interactive music concert that educates students on WHAT is bullying, TYPES of bullying and SOLUTIONS to bullying.

 The Academic Standards of HEALTH, SOCIAL STUDIES, and MUSIC are reflected in the program and a Curriculum Guide is available. A perfect introduction or supplement to an existing campaign, the program utilizes call and response singing, audience volunteers, and dance/hand motions, along with Leonardo's award winning songs and some favorites adapted just for the assembly.  Well known songs like Woolly Bully become No More Bullies.

 Happy Students = Good students and so it's never too early to introduce an anti-bullying message, and when the message is learned in a rockin' concert.. it's remembered forever!

 Songs titles include: No More Bullies, Tell Somebody Makin Waves and Take a Stand, Lend a Hand (Slogan of the HRSA Stop Bullying site)

A mom came up to me and asked what the name of our bully band was, she said her daughter had come home last week and told her she was being bullied...because the band told her to tell.

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Leonardo is a Parents' Choice Award winning family musician writing and performing songs that entertain, educate and empower audiences of all ages and abilities.  Performing solo or with his surf rockin' Makin Waves Band, he brings a high energy, interactive concert that is a celebration of possibilities. With fun props and a colorful set, his concerts are a pep rally, rock 'n' roll show, and beach party all on one stage.

Remarkable understanding of a child's world. School Library Journal

Songs to empower kids of all abilities...  Parent Map  

Empowering, thoughtful, original, compositions...

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