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Phone: (562) 320-9229
For grades: Any. We can customize the show to your grade level.
Fees for live visit: Price: $350 / Length: 60 mins. Additional showings of puppet show same day + $100 each


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The show not only made me laugh but had an unlying message that would be great for kids. You should do shows at schools.
--- A 3rd grade teacher

a puppet play
In Monster world, every human teen at the age of 18 must choose their Monster match. They must choose which monster they want to be when they grow up. Julie's time for a decision has come. Her parents want her to be a vampire because it's safe and secure. But Julie is unsure and goes on a journey of self discovery as she decides who will be her MonsterMatch<br><br>

a puppet play
"Wicket" is the untold story about how the ewoks actually cause everything that happened in Star Wars. It tells the story of Wicket the ewok from Endor who the prophecy says is destined to change the world with his genius. When the Emperor threatens to use Wickets own invention to destroy Endor it is up to Wicket and his friends to stop him. The plot is set before Luke meets Obi Wan and makes several references to well-known scenes and dialogue in the Star Wars Trilogy as a backstory. It is a parody of the musical Wicked.<br><br>

A puppet improv show.
No Strings attached! It's an improv show with a puppet twist.  A series of fun improv games. The players will be choosing various puppets to play out these games. But we can't do it alone. We need you the audience to participate. Based on craziest zaniest things you can think of these these puppet performers will tickle your funny bone with that unique Puppet Tree style humor.

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PUPPET TREE entertainment is a Los Angeles based puppeteering company. They perform live theater plays and sketch shows that are funny and give a heartfelt message. They have performed at small theaters all over Los Angeles and Long Beach CA. They specialize in hand and rod puppets made of felt much like the Muppets are made. The show can be customized to meet your schools needs.

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