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Phone: 615-713-2159
For grades: 6 - 12
Requirements for live visit: None
Fees for live visit: $250 plus accomodations if required


Magician, Singer, Actor, Motivational Speaker »

That is great. You are really amazing!
--- Vice President Al Gore Jr.

Dare to Dream is a program designed to equip students to find their passion and to equip teachers to help fuel their student's dreams. John Pyka was a child who was often bullyied and picked on in school. One High School teacher helped John discover his talents and fueled his dreams and passions. Dare to Dream is an inspiring true story of John's near failure as a student, followed by a triumphant success and fulfillment of his dreams!

Dare to Dream features Johns unique theatrical fusion of music and magic to tell the story and communicate the core message - Calling students and teachers to Dare to Dream!

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John B. Pyka has set himself apart as an  entertainer with his unique fusion of music, magic, and theater to create unforgettable, larger than life characters who do amazing and impossible things.

As an entertainer John has appeared all over the country performing for millions of people in nearly every venue imaginable; from singing at Carnegie Hall, to performing magic on MTV's Spring Break. He has appeared on the PBS documentary Magical Time Travelers, the BBC documentary The Convention Crasher and appeared as “Big Daddy Cool” in the Off-Broadway production of Swingin' At The Roxy.

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