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Phone: (248) 844-3949
For grades: k-12; show is tailored for all age groups
Fees for live visit: Please Call our Office for Details. When your school helps us to schedule multiple assemblies in your area (at least 7), we can then greatly discount every assembly. In appriciation for your efforts, we will gladly do your assembly at no cost!


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Our program reaches today’s youth with a powerful message of; anti-bullying/violence, peer pressure, anti drugs/alcohol, achieving academic excellence, respecting others for who they are, making the right choices and more. All assemblies are age appropriate in content. If there is a specific topic you would like us to emphasize on, we will professionally incorporate it into our program. We promise this assembly to be the best your school has ever had!

Along with a motivating message, our athletes capture the student’s attention by breaking baseball bats, bending steel bars and ripping phone books. Each feat of strength is used to intensify and reiterate the power of making the right choices!

After seeing the team in action and hearing this powerful message; the impact on the students will be unforgettable and life changing! The success stories as a result of the STAND Program number in the thousands.

Let us help reach your students with this powerful, electrifying and motivational message!

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STAND is a 501c3 non-profit organization group of World Class Athletes who have been motivating and inspiring multitudes of young people all across America for over 21 years. This is an awesome opportunity for your students to witness dynamic feats of strength while hearing a powerful message about saying “Yes” to making the right choices and “No” to the negative and destructive choices that tempt our youth everyday.

The STAND Strength Team has scheduled programs in multitudes of schools, sports auditoriums and businesses across the country and has many references upon request.

"I would recommend this team to visit as many schools as possible to get their point across. They were engaging, energetic, and passionate about their message. They involved each and every student in their presentation and left the students feeling positive about themselves and ready to make the right choices." Principal Lisa Clark, Mixter Elementary School, Lincoln Park, MI

"Not only were the anti-bullying and anti-drug/alcohol messages presented in such a way as to grab the audiences attention, the willingness of the STAND members to cater to the age levels of the student and needs of the school was impeccable. They were easy to work with, prompt, efficient and reliable, requiring only an initial phone call and one follow-up call to secure an assembly. They arrived ready to make a change in the lives of our students..and they did!" Assistant Principal Kellie Boase, Lakeview School, Negaunee, MI

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