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Phone: 626-253-3344
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Southern California Shows Only
Fees for live visit: $600 for one show $800 for two (45 to 60 minutes each)
Funding: Share in profits from CD sales.


Rock and Roll musician »

Your students will love this high-energy Rock n’ Roll show that entertains and instructs.

They will learn the rhythms, instrumentations, and significance of many of the most important songs in Rock history.

This Standards Based assembly comes with teacher information to share with students both before and after the show for increased understanding.
We also offer your PTA a way to pay for the assembly and even make money for your school.


The History of Rock n’ Roll
This show begins with Elvis Presley and ends with <i>New Wave</i> songs from the 1980’s.  Children are taken on a musical journey through time.  On their travels they hear live vocals, keyboards, guitars, and special instruments backed by drum and bass tracks previously recorded by the duo.   As the band plays, video and still images from Rock n’ Roll history are projected onto a screen behind them.

The show includes audience participation with good-hearted fun at a volume that protects young ears.   Watch out for Beatle-Mania!  Expect to see lots of laughing and engagement.

Also available...

The Rescue Principal
Adin “Trippi” Rudd
Javany Martinez

Both veterans of the California music scene, Javany and Trippi have worked with many of the historical people in Rock n’ Roll.  They’ve opened shows for many international acts including, Bill Medley, The Knack, Cheap Trick, The Bangles, The Plimsouls and Beatlemania.  In addition, many famous artists have joined them on stage including Sonny Bono, Gordon Waller (Peter and Gordon)  & Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

The Rescue – Javany’s unparalleled vocal abilities.  

The Principal - For the last 10 years Trippi was an Elementary Principal, before taking to music as a full time career.

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