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Phone: 877-444-8253
For grades: Pre K- 5th


Interactive Animation, Comedy Theater, Magic, Music, Puppets »

…brings a whole new world... colorful, imaginative, and equipped with wit the children truly enjoy... incredibly unique. …an experience audience raves about for years... by far the best I've seen.
--- Carson Ray

The Story Ship's shows combine animation, puppetry, comedy-theater, magic and music into unusual technology driven children's performances. The sets include a giant video projection system that brings the animation to life. The Story Ship Actor and the audience interact with the animation as the stories unfold. With a wonderful array of songs, magic tricks and comedy skits, the audience is drawn away from the animation into live interactive theater. Each show is written to include many of the national curriculum standards for subjects including math, history, social studies, character education, language arts and  music.  Each show is loaded with laughter and audience participation.

"The Wand Of Dreams" (Math)
The land of "Happily Ever After" is in big trouble. The Wand Of Dreams has been stolen and everything is falling apart! Fairy Godmother or Godfather and the audience have to round up the usual suspects to solve the mystery. Each suspect offers an interesting mathematical problem to solve as the mystery unfolds. You'll meet a Magic Mirror with a messy cold, a Dirty Rat with some pretty shady friends, a Troll that has traffic backed up for hours, a narcoleptic Sheriff that can’t stay awake long enough to figure anything out, Five Little Piggies with some really big problems, and a Dragon that loves bacon! For Pre K - 5th grades.

"The Circus King / Queen" (Language Arts)
A young boy is lost at sea as a baby and found by a baboon on a far away island. He is raised by a circus of misfits. The audience and cast of characters help the boy overcome personal challenges and discover his destiny.  With a little magic, characters come right out of the screen as puppets! There is Ella the elephant with bad allergies. There's a lazy lion with curlers in his hair and crossed eyed acrobats swinging through the air. The show comes with a companion book that the teachers download and read to the students before the show. The students test out on grammar, reading comprehension and spelling. Pre K - 5th grades.

"Professor Time & The American Revolution" (Social Studies, History)
Quirky Professor Time is off to Colonial America to find out about the birth of our nation. Students find out what sparked the American Revolution and hear stories first hand from George Washington and Betsy Ross. The stories teach them about the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the United States government. Students watch history come alive on a giant video with animated characters and historical images. The kids also participate in interactive comedy skits to prepare them for the time travel adventure. At the end of each performance, the kids test their knowledge playing a game show where they can win prizes. For 3rd - 5th grades.

"Beathoven & The Big Note Band" (Music)
"The Big Note Band" has fallen apart! They've lost their beat, can't remember the melody and don't know the harmony! So their conductor, Beathoven uses comedy, magic and music to help them re-discover the essential elements of music. The band comes alive on a giant video screen with animated characters that interact with the audience. In the end, the band just can't get it together. They are fired and the audience becomes Beathoven's new band in a giant jam session with the audience playing numerous percussion instruments. Beathoven sings and performs on a vast array of musical instruments including banjo, guitar, Irish and African drums. For Pre K -5th grades.


"Pirate Goodie & The Magic Chest" (Character Education)
Come along with Pirate Goodie Twoshoes and his parrot Pete on an amazing undersea adventure. Goodie can't remember how to open his magic chest full of treasure. So he calls upon the audience and his animated friends to help. The show includes a giant video screen with colorful animations and charming puppets. Each character exhibits character flaws.  For Pre K -5th Grades.

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Mr. Driscoll performs hundreds of shows throughout the United States each year in theater, television, school, concert and festival settings.  He has been doing educational performances since the age of 15 for over thirty years.  His performances always promise to be very unusual and entertaining combining technology, video, music, animation, magic and theater.

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