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Phone: (603) 668-8007
For grades: Preschool –through 8th grade
Requirements for live visit: room darkening abilities, electricity
Fees for live visit: K and under: $275 for one program / $525 for two programs same day. 1st grade - and up: $350 for one program / $650 for two programs same day


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"The Loon Lady", presented a fun and fact-filled program on a truly fascinating bird, the common loon. Mrs. Rockwood's interactive style kept an audience of five to ten-year olds rapt on a hot summer afternoon. I highly recommend her informative and engaging program for elementary schools and libraries.
--- Jane Malmberg, Asst. SupervisorChildren's Services ,Newton Free Library, Newton, MA

Programs adaptable for all ages!   Join The Loon Lady as she takes children on a unique journey into the life of one of the most elusive and interesting waterbirds, that frequent our lakes and oceans, the common loon.  Using her husband’s, professional photography/videography and spectacular loon media show and or (DVD) coupled with The Loon Lady’s very informative narration; children will delight in learning so many interesting stories and funny facts about these truly amazing creatures.  Some of the shows will feature the recently published and very popular  true story of “Adventures with Grapenut” by John M. Rockwood  that happened on Lake Massabesic in Manchester, N.H.  

Children of all ages will be a rapt audience as they hear the true story of Grapenut, and this little loon’s life from 4 days old till the time he fledged in the fall.    Everyone young and old alike, loves the story of this sooty little loon.  Imagine what it was like to be a human being adopted into a loon family, and to learn up close and personal about all their loony behaviors and life growing stages. Hear about all the many dangers loons face today in their struggle for survival and why they are on the threatened species list, and how we can help.  Learn where loons winter and why and for how long and so much more!

Children will greatly enjoy participating in interactive, thought provoking activities. These activities will help them gain a deeper respect and understandings about loons, while they have tons of fun learning about these fascinating aquatic birds.
Shows available: Please see our website for more detailed program information under The Loon Lady/Children’s Programs


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Sue Rockwood / The Loon Lady, has been teaching as a Reading Specialist, Pre-8th grade in  elementary and middle schools in New England, for 25 years. In 2006 she left the field of teaching to help build a business with her husband.

In addition, Sue has been working as a freelance writer for "Birds and Bloom Magazines” and has had several bird articles featured in their publications. Sue also collaborated on a book with her husband John.  Since childhood, Sue has been a nature lover of animals.  Spending many  years with her husband studying and observing common loons in the field from their kayaks, she has  become fascinated in learning all about this elusive and threatened bird species.  Sue delights in teaching and sharing this fascination about the common loon with children of all ages.  The Loon Lady engages children's attenion and  learning  by incorporating hands on  fun loon related activities, that help children develop a deeper understanding and respect for this magnificent water bird.

Sue also enjoys reading, writing, being a lifelong learner, kayaking, spending time out in nature and being with her husband and dogs.

***Sue donates a portion of the proceeds from every program to:

 "The Loon Preservation Committee" in Moultonborough, N.H.   Our  Common Loons are on the Threatened Species List and need much help to maintain healthy surviving populations!  To see more check out :

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