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Phone: 512-415-8178
For grades: Pre k to 5th grade
Fees for live visit: in the Austin/San Antonio area, prices start at $450 for one show


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I have worked in three different Austin area school districts for the past eight years, and I have never seen a program that I thought was as beneficial as yours.
--- Jared S. Assistant Principal, Hornsby Elementary

Here are the major school assembly programs available:

No Way Jose, an Anti-Drug show. This show is designed for Pre-K to 5th grade. Instead of just saying "no", the students learn valuable lessons to replace drugs, alcohol and cigarettes with a positive message

Readers are Leaders, this is a fun reading show that will help students understand the library, certain sections and making reading fun, audience participation is included. A different show is designed for Pre-K to 2nd then 3rd to 5th grades

No Bully Zone, make your show a NO Bully Zone. This show is a serious show with a serious message with a twist of humor. Students will learn about -how to avoid being a bully, how to be a true friend, internet bullying,The Golden Rule and replacing bad choices with good ones, Designed for grades Pre-K to 5th grade.

Get Motivated, passing the TAKS or any test, Mr. Puppet presents a high-energy show with tons of student participation. Students will learn 7 vital steps for success. This show is designed for grades 3-5.Perfect for T.A.K.S. testing stress relief or any time of the school year!

Manners Matter: A show that builds character, teaches respect and understanding manner words. A great program that shapes young minds. Designed for pre K-2nd grade

Others shows performed with success are:

Geography show called Around the world in 60 minutes or less or your money back. This show has the audience travel to 5 different lands to learn about culture, music, food, dress and language.

Deep in the Heart of Texas - This show has all the flavors of Texas history performed with puppets, humor and tons of Texas fun.

Also available...

A school assembly educator favorite since 1996.

Bob Abdou is Mr.Puppet, a professional ventriloquist, puppeteer, humorist and school assembly educator. A proven track record of schools in Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and presently the state of Texas.

Each show is age appropriate, educational, entertaining and all the children and staff leave knowing a vital message has been taught.

References and photos are included in the website at

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