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Phone: (504)495-8869
For grades: 8-12th through college
Requirements for live visit: PA System
Fees for live visit: $300 per special event and/or 3 poems/$100 or 3 poems & song/$125


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You must visualize yourself as a success in order to be a success.
--- Rosa Diaz

Purpose: To cultivate the creative ability of the child by providing cultural activities, and social events.

Objectives:We will teach character-building skills.
We will develop personal and social skills.

Goals:To create an environment that produces growth, and change in the community.
To establish an atmosphere that nurtures artistic development.

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Beneath the mellow vocals lingers a strong message, I am real and I am here. Kessa is an emerging tempest in the music world, boiling on the horizon. Her styling is strongly influenced by R&B performers, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott, gospel & jazz singer Kim Burrell and hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill. Her sound is unique, bold, and memorable, crafted for a time such as this.

As an entrepreneur, in 2009, Kessa established Klassic Music and Entertainment LLC, a record label that endeavors to be an empowering tool and resource in local communities as well as abroad. She attempts to empower lives through the spoken word in the creative form of music and entertainment. "Do not discount what life offers. Even the most mundane experience can have meaning" (E.D. Yarnik). Kessa lives a prosperous life committed to fulfilling God's purpose. Be Original…Be Klassic!

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