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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart...I wanted you to know that by what you said, just in one hour, you changed my life.
--- Savannah S, Student, Kearsarge Regional High School, NH

Your Digital Life

Formally titled "Hooked on Facebook", this program covers the pros and cons of social networking. Students are asked to look beyond the screen into the real world to learn how an online identity can affect one's reality. How much information is too much? What should you do if you are being bullied? If you see someone else being bullied? How can you keep your information safe online? What happens to your posts and who is watching? This program shows students true-life stories emerging from the digital world and guides them to form healthy habits and relationships both online and off. Each program is fully customizable and always age-appropriate.

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Josh Gunderson is a comedian and professional actor in educational theatre. A feature on numerous comedy tours for charity, Josh can also be seen doing a regular sketch on the web series, “The Bob Show.” He is a hit in contemporary teen culture, with appearances on MTV, Comedy Central, and Bravo.

Josh has a unique way of delivering an educational message, due in part to his firm belief that learning does not have to be boring. Combining humor and sincerity, he presents real-life examples that illustrate potential repercussions of irresponsible behavior. Josh’s style instantly rings true with audiences, motivating students to make more positive choices.

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