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Phone: 931-242-9933
For grades: Pre-K thru 6
Requirements for live visit: Access to standard electrical outlet.
Fees for live visit: Price upon request


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One of the best assemblies my school has ever had. Organized, format perfect, message clear, children are still talking about it. Presenter captured the audience and kept positive control. Thanks!
--- Cambridge Elementary School

Steps 1 to 4: Bully No More! is an exciting, magical, and fun-filled program designed to educate students and teachers about bullying. Through the use of music, comedy, magic, and role-playing with fun masks, children will learn what bullying is and how to identify it. Students will also learn techniques to help themselves and their friends when being bullied and how to prevent bullying.

This program is highly interactive. Students participate in role-playing using masks, games, and singing to help them master the anti-bullying techniques introduced. This program also discusses the different types of bullying behavior; how working together lessens bullying; how to open lines of communication; and how bystanders can help.

Unique types of bullies are identified and discussed. This program will give students tools to address psychological, emotional, and physical bullying. Effective strategies for the new and growing phenomenon of cyber bullying are introduced.

This is a complete, comprehensive, and packed-with-fun 45 minutes which will leave students and staff feeling empowered and closer together. Help create a bully-free environment in your school today!

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E Squared Artists, Inc. is a full service entertainment company providing only the best in educational entertainment.

It's founder, Gregory Carter, is an award winning second generation entertainer with more than 20 years of experience. He has performed as many as 300 school shows per year and has written and produced 2 of the most successful assemblies to tour the U.S.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make us one of the fastest growing sources for quality programs.

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