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Phone: 412-226-1173
For grades: All Grades
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Failure is only accomplished by giving up!
--- Franklin Elliott Brodzinski, CEO and Executive Producer for Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC

Each program provided by Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC is tailored to fit specific themes through original scripts, music, and messages! Filled with kid interaction, our shows offer a more personal approach to edutainment. Each production is designed to captivate the student audience with entertaining action. Then, cast members speak to the students and offer a question/answer period to deliver the meaning and message of the production. Regardless what theme our client selects, our cast also discusses the importance of hard work, honesty, and integrity along with the selected theme! Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC is proud to offer the finest in quality performers. Each performer is required to have the appropriate child safety clearances on file at our office prior to performing in a school program.

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Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC has been a part of the live entertainment industry for more than fifteen years providing turn-key productions to theme park, resort, and college venues throughout the United States. Whether a themed music production, magic show, or variety act, Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC now offers clean, family entertainment that is tailored specifically for school programs. Each school program includes an educational message on topics like bullying, being different, and more. Clients include: Kennywood Park, Saint Vincent College, LeSourdsville Lake, Manhattan College, and plenty others. If you are looking for something new, Elliott Entertainment Productions, LLC has it!

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