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Phone: 713-208-0147
For grades: K - 5th
Requirements for live visit: White wall or projector screen and an electrical outlet. Small stage or staging area at least 10x10
Fees for live visit: $225.00/Up to 2 Classrooms (larger assemblies extra) for 25 miles from ZIP 77069. Please call for travel/lodging rates over 25 miles and beyond.
Funding: Discounts for multiple bookings at same school, same day, or within same ISD.


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We thank you SO MUCH! Your beautiful voice and lovely songs made our event so festive and special.
--- Sarah Levine Dir of Marketing Baylor University

Duration: Approx. 45 minutes

This is an educational program intended to help inculcate, via music, theater, and audience participation, basic knowledge of Texas' history.

When she visits your school or classroom, The Lone Star Ladybug will enchant you and your classmates with treasured Texas trivia AND some amazing facts about ladybugs and how THEY are special to Texas history. She'll also sing some of her original songs to get your hands to clappin' and toes to tappin'. Your teacher will get to keep some souvenirs for your class to enjoy all year long, including a song CD and a MY TEXAS audio book written by children's author Charlotte Siegmund.

The Lone Star Ladybug hopes to see y'all real soon!

Happy Texas Trails!

Please note:

Program can be trimmed or expanded to suit age/grade level/specific needs - AND can be tailored to Christian schools as well to include a Christian theme and 2 additional original Christian songs.

Also available...

A native Houstonian, The Lone Star Ladybug is proud to be a 6th generation Texan!! That means that her parents, her grandparents, her great grandparents, her great-great Grandparents, AND her great-great-great Grandparents were ALL native Texans!!! In fact, her Texas ancestors settled a portion of west-central Texas during the 1800's. Pretty cool! Huh?

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