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Phone: 651-271-1934
For grades: All Junior and Senior High Schools
Requirements for live visit: Just sound equipment
Fees for live visit: $1500 but willing to work on something else


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Terrance has a spectacular show that the kids responded to. His energy, humor, and language make his message effective/relatable. Thank you for this experience! -Missy Brandner, Tech High School (3/30)
--- Missy Brandner, Tech High School (3/30)

A imagine an hour long school assembly program with a nationally touring band and "The King of Yo Mama Jokes" and you got Terrence and Kale Divine. The minute Terrence and Kale Divine enter your school they will grab your students attention. Terrence will bring comedy and his unique gift of storytelling to talk about life choices and present a motivational message that will inspire your students and even your faculty to not only change themselves but to change the world around them in a positive way. Kale Divine is woven throughout the program to complement the message with songs that our on the radio today but also inspire as well. From the very start Terrence is making the assembly interactive by getting students and faculty alike involved in the program with the attention getting opening. Not long after the band is playing a song that is making the audience ponder life choices you have made in the past and by the time the end comes Terrence and the band will leave an impression and feeling on everybody that they can make a difference in their life and the world around them. You'll laugh. You'll cry and then be left cheering for what just happened and what's going to happen in your school. If you want to make a difference with one school assembly then this is it. The only question is when Terrence and Kale Divine will be at your school?

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Terrence Talley is not an average guy. Growing up in Burnsville, MN as the youngest in a family with two older brothers Terrence was always the kid with a story to tell, whether trying to convince his classmates that the world was being eaten alive by killer potatoes or being know as the "King of Yo Mamma Jokes" Terrence was constantly coming up with reasons to open his mouth. Now Terrence goes around the country and shares his unique gift for story to all who will listen. A graduate of North Central University, Terrence combines knowledge and experience with a big heart and a funny view of life to impact everyone everywhere. But after Terrence gets off the stage he doesn't stop. You will catch Terrence every time afterwards either sharing more stories with people, listening to other people's stories or playing around with the band doing impromptu raps for all to help with. You will be amazed how much energy this guy has. At 27 years old Terrence can relate with everyone everywhere. With a passion for people no barrier will get in the way of Terrence connecting and inspiring.

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