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Phone: (800) 645-9663
For grades: pre K-8
Requirements for live visit: no special requirements
Fees for live visit: $500 for one show, $600 for two shows back-to-back, $600 for the One-Day-Wonder


Storyteller, musician, songwriter, educator »

In the 33 years that I've been teaching, your primary and intermediate assemblies are the best I've seen. The 5th graders actually sing with genuine enthusiasm, and you have the little ones in the palm of your hand.
--- Paula Hicks, Music Teacher, Downingtown, PA

1. Radio WOOF is a celebration of folklore featuring Bill Wellington's lively banjo music, funny folk songs, fancy fiddling, and fantastic storytelling. Bill's enthusiastically shares his message that folklore, whether in the form of a familiar jump-rope-rhyme or a spellbinding story from another land, is a marvelous treasure we have inherited. Bill emphasizes that folklore is a create use of language that can inspire new poetry, songs, and stories.

Bill plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, and Irish flute during the course of this show, and children learn about the history of each instrument.

2. WOOF Blasts Off is a celebration of astronomy in the exuberant style of Radio WOOF. Bill introduces audiences such subjects as planets, stars, galaxies, meteors, gravity, supernovas, and comets. He uses catchy lyrics to teach real science in such songs as What's Inside of a Black Hole and Voyager.

Bill stresses that the most important invention in the history of astronomy is the telescope. Bill displays beautiful poster-size photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope to prove his point.

3. Hats Off to Dr. Seuss! is an exuberant Seuss-a-bration, created by Bill Wellington, full of original songs and poetry that will have your students Hopping on Pop and Hearing Whos! Set to the tune of the banjo, fiddle, and guitar, this program promotes reading in a big way. Highlights of this show include an incredible birthday-cake hat Bill wears, a lively call-and-response version of the The Cat in the Hat called One Rainy Day, a poetic guessing game involving twelve volunteers, and Bill telling Dr. Seuss's stories as if they were folktales.

The One-day-Wonder: Schools can get a FREE evening family concert by choosing this option. For the same price as two assemblies Bill will add an evening family concert for no extra charge because he knows that the sale of his award-winning CDs will more than compensate him. In addition, Bill will include students selected by the music teacher in the evening show.
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According to Parents Choice Magazine, Children couldn't ask for a better storyteller than Bill Wellington. But Bill is more than just a great storyteller, he is also a champion folk musician (banjo, fiddle, guitar and Irish flute), a gifted songwriter, square dance caller, and educator.

Bill is the creator of Radio WOOF, a unique series of audio recordings for Children. Radio WOOF has won 5 major awards including the Parents' Choice Gold Award and the American Library Association "Notable" Award. Bill Wellington has performed at The Smithsonian, the National Theatre, The International Children's Festival and at over 1,000 schools all across America.

Parents Magazine once said Welcome to the whimsical world of Bill Wellington: Singer, folklorist, and firm believer in letting kids-be-kids.

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