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Phone: 888-598-7709
For grades: k-12
Fees for live visit: $1,250 1show, $1,850 2 shows, $2,150 3 shows same day/same location. Block booking discounts available.


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A Wonderful assembly! The performance was captivating. The kids were mesmerized from the time they entered the auditorium.
--- - Paula O'Brien, West District School, Unionville, CT

Mark Shepard's DrumSongStory™ is a multi-disciplinary combination of

  • Traditional and Original Stories
  • Drums from Around the World
  • Sparkling Original songs
  • Central Asian Overtone Singing,
  • African Yodeling
  • and Throat Whistling (a totally unique technique)

DrumSongStory™ Programs are appropriate for all ages and can be tailored to serve a wide range of themes and topics.

They are:

  • Multi-Cultural
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • and support the Multiple Intelligences and curriculum/training goals most critical today.

    DrumSongStory Programs can keep the rapt attention of the video game generation. Each performance is an entirely customized show depending upon the audience age, theme, time of year or other variables. Shepard's material works on a number of different levels and is well suited to mixed audiences of children and adults.

    Mark's DrumSongStory programs have been as well received by teens and college age young adults and business groups as it has been by elementary age kid audiences
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    Mark Shepard is a multi-disciplinary performing and teaching artist who uses drums, songs and stories to interactively engage, entertain and educate audiences of all ages in performances, keynotes, breakouts, workshops, seminars, trainings. He is on the roster of the CT Commission on Culture and Tourism and has earned their designation of "master teaching artist".

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