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Phone: 262-473-7763
For grades: 4-7
Fees for live visit: First Assembly: $175 Each additional assembly: +$50


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Jim combines a deep knowledge of his topic with humor, warmth, and fabulous story-telling to make history come alive.
--- Ms. Jo Bernhardt, Principal

Mr. James Boisvert, a retired elementary teacher in Whitewater, WI makes history come to life with his Historical Interpretations. Dressed in period clothing and speaking with the appropriate accent, Mr. Boisvert steps into the role of a character depicting different time periods in American History. Each character gives a first person account of the period in which they lived and actively involves students with audience participation. Each presentation lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.

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James Boisvert is a retired elementary teacher having taught five years in Indiana and thirty years in Wisconsin. His interactive approach to teaching allowed his students to become involved and more active, making learning more exciting and fun!

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