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Phone: 8004337459
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: $495-$695 No extra travel or lodging expenses


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Mobile Ed Productions is proud to present Crime Scene Science, a brand new 45 minute program devoted to introducing students to the exciting field of the science behind solving crimes. In theprocess your students will be exposed to important aspects of critical thinking essential not only in the scientific method,but in all forms of problem solving. Beginning with a simple and easily understood explanation of basic Forensic Science,we show the students that this field actually draws from allforms of science. We introduce basic rules of observation andcreative thinking, as laid out many years ago by the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. "When we have ruled out the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, isalways the solution." The audience is informed of a great mystery, "The Great Cat Caper!". Apparently cats are being "cat-napped", and it is up to the audience to aid the presenterin determining the outcome of this case. Using a variety of tools, from fingerprinting to crime scene investigation, and from soil samples to DNA and hair analysis, the performer--aided by several volunteers from the audience-- will lead your students through afun and illuminating journey. The many twists and turns lead to an ending that might surprise even you! Introductions to criticalthinking and problem solving, along with references to mostscientific fields, some humor and a touch or two of magic, makes Crime Scene Science a mystery you will be happy to solve!

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Since our start in 1979, we have become the largest company to present educational workshops and assemblies at schools and community groups nationwide. We visit approximately 6,000 schoolseach year - and we love it! Most other companies act as the middleman between your school and the performers. Mobile Ed Productions is pleased to be one of the very few companies to own all of its shows, including props, equipment, and transports,ensuring you receive only the highest quality, consistency and efficiency. We deeply appreciate your support of our programs. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are seeking an unforgettable learning experience, visit our website today

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