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Phone: 347-612-4123
For grades: 1-6
Requirements for live visit: 10 x 10 foot minimum performance area (area should be clear and swept) 2 Adult sized non-folding chairs 1 student sized desk Access to a working outlet within 20 feet of performance area
Fees for live visit: $750.00 for a single show. $300.00 for additional shows.


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My Daughter Came home RAVING about it!
--- Annie Montgomery, PTA mom, New York

Grammar. . .Mysterious

Learn parts of speech while solving a mysterious clue! Adverbs are discovered, conjunctions are juggled, and interjections are zapped in this performance that uses circus-arts and comedy for the craziest English lesson you've ever seen. While learning to recognize all seven parts of speech, kids help WT and Christina find the clues and solve the puzzle. "Grammar...Mysterious" is a 45-minute program with two actors that is appropriate for grades 1-5. Learn More

A-Dressing History

Discover history through a new lens: your clothes! From Greek city-states to Napoleon's empire to the San Francisco Gold Rush, we wear history everyday. From penguin suits to jeans, tees, and kicks, we uncover the often odd world of what covers you. Fool's Academy uses circus-arts and comedy to make history tangible, literally, through your very own clothes. "A-Dressing History" is a 45-minute program with two performers that is appropriate for grades 1-6. Learn More

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Fool's Academy is Christina Gelsone and WT McRae. We both perform the shows, write the shows, create the study guides, book the shows and run the office. We also, polish the floors, and clean the windows but we'll stick to the glamorous bits for this page.

WT trained in theatre at Adelphi University, and Christina trained at the Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre after receiving her degree in English from Princeton University. Both teachers and performers, Christina has performed in over a dozen countries including Afghanistan and China while WT has performed for school children all over the US (including over 40,000 kids in 200 schools in the NY area). As teachers, we have taught, Drama and English, Theatre and History, Theatre as Conflict Resolution, Acrobatics, Shakespeare, Circus, Clowning, and Improvisation to children ranging in ages from pre-school to high-school and even college. Together we are acrobats, jugglers, and very funny-looking clowns with a mission to make learning fun.

Each of our shows has something to teach, and we try to do so while providing a lot of hands-on fun. After researching NY state curriculum we devise our programs to reinforce specific pieces of that curriculum. We use a combination of juggling, acting, acrobatics, mime, and clowning to bring educational material to life. One of our goals in creating a show is to make sure that students get involved in every single scene. We hope to leave them interested in circus, theatre, and of course their own educations.

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