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Phone: 707- 528-4458
For grades: K-8
Requirements for live visit: Sound system w/ CD player, Two Microphones and One Chair
Fees for live visit: Cost - 2 performances - $1,075 Note: Onye also offers classroom visits either after assemblies or without assemblies (must be 2 back to back).


Master drummer and Performer, Mentor, Recording Artist »

February held some significant events that brought our school village together."Together We Celebrate Life", was the resounding message that Onye Onyemaechi brought to the Westlake Elementary village. The drums,dance,and community feeling that Onye provided in his assemblies was palpable. It was especially enjoyable to watch teachers and students participating together while enjoying each other's membership in our school village.
--- Clyde Curley, Principal. Westlake Elementary School, Santa Cruz , California, USA

Village Rhythms – African Village Celebration K-8

African Village Celebration - Onye Onyemaechi, is a World -renowned master percussionist, educator and performing musicians,  who engages students and teachers in a participatory experience of African Village life. He actively involves student participation in African drumming, dancing, songs and stories. Onye's captivating music, native dress & instruments  heightens the  historical/ cultural context. of his message. All are encouraged to value & integrate their own heritage into their learning & living experience.

Growing Up in the Village Grade 6-8

Using music & stories, questions & answers to communicate sound values. Themes can include learning self-discipline, respecting elders, communing with nature, listening to your conscience and getting along with others... He shares the importance of growing up in a safer, healthier village environment.

His school programs for children have earned him a McDonald's Foundation recognition Award. His assemblies have children, teens & teachers dress in traditional costumes and feel a part of one village community.

Onye has received Grant Award for After School Programs  under the auspices of Santa Rosa Recreational Department in California. His programs emphasizes the importance of peace & responsibility, fostering leadership qualities and encouraging positive attitude, promoting education and tolerance.

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World - renowned master percussionist and performer, recording artist and composer virtuoso of African rhythm music- Onye OnyemaechiOnye brings the soul of African Culture to celebrations and teaching. He blends the best of traditional culture and modern life styles in his work with individuals, organizations, and the world.

Onye Onyemaechi is a presenter at school assemblies as speaker/performer to promote the joy of learning, self-empowerment and encourage students' success. Also, his message of village wisdom that fosters respect, acceptance and kindness profoundly resonates among teachers, administrators and parents.

He is currently on the roster of the league of Volunteers of Newark Arts Council, El Dorado Arts Council and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz. He has also received recognition and appreciation from Sonoma County Cultural Arts Council. Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities honored Onye with the Award of Gratitude for "special recognition for outstanding participation in Family Fest 1988". He has received grants from the California Arts council, City of Boston and City of Santa Rosa, public and private foundations.

Onye has recorded music for interactive video games and numerous CDs. He has been featured on NBC TV affiliate program Coming Together and the video and film documentaries: Of Sound & Healing, Search for Spirituality, and as well as the Wisdom Channel. Performing in the U.S. since the early 1980's, Onye has been featured in Billboard Magazine as musical director of the 'O Band', Artistic Director and Business Manager of his own performance company, The Igbote Ethnic Ensemble, and performed on numerous radio shows nationwide.

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