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Phone: 512.796.4392
For grades: 4th-12th
Requirements for live visit: Please contact Patrick for additional requirements
Fees for live visit: $750-$1000
Funding: Past programs funded through TITLE I, TITLE IV, Safe and Drug Free Schools


Break Dancing STUDENT SUCCESS Youth Speaker/Author »

Fresh, Energetic and Very Effective!
--- Program Manager, Hispanic Youth Symposium

Mad Skills For Student Success

Your students will savor Patrick's fresh dance moves and funky humor as he effectively challenges them to accept who they are, take responsibility for their choices and strive for academic and personal success.

This program will have your audience up and moving, laughing and dancing all the while learning mad skills for their success! Remember to give your students that extra edge to succeed by investing in some copies of Patrick's new book "Mad Skill for Student Success: 10 Choices you Can Make to Get Better Grades, Create an Amazing Future and Take Control of Your Crazy Life!" UNLIKE ANYTHING Ive SEEN BEFORE!

The Breakthrough Project

This program is an experience for the mind and body. Besides learning some sick dance moves, your students will gain important skills for recognizing who they are, the roles they live out and how their thoughts can make or break them. This program is based on Patrick's book "Mad Skill for Student Success." This is more than a dance class; this is a way to empower your students both on and off the dance floor!
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Student success speaker, author and break dancer Patrick Perez travels the country equipping students to succeed in school and life! Open a can of Red Bull, add a dash of break dancing, mix it all together with student success principles dealing with choices, goal-setting and academic success and you have a student success program your students will love!

From school assemblies to national leadership conferences Patrick's UNIQUE programs deal with:

  • Drug Prevention/Red Ribbon Rallies
  • Student Motivation
  • Student Leadership
  • TAKS Prep Rallies


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