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Phone: 818-334-5093 x3
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: An area near the performance space for quick costume changes
Fees for live visit: One show $500, Two Shows $750, Three Shows $1,000


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If you want to be around people who are laughing so hard they can hardly breath, this is the group to hire
--- Barbara Edivan

Laughing in Circles believes that children's creativity needs to be fostered from a very young age to build an avenue for self-expression and to boost self-confidence. That is why we have designed a program that brings your students' stories to life before their very eyes!

Here's how it works: We drop off a box in your classrooms on a Friday. The students have a week to write stories that they would like to see brought to life on stage. They can write one or ten, it doesn't matter, we just want them to feel free to be creative. The following Friday we return and pick up the box full of their stories. We will choose 6-12 of the submissions, and create an hour long show using their stories, music, and improvisational games. Three weeks after picking up the box, our performers will return to your school and perform for your kids. We can do up to three performances in one day depending on what works best for your school.

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Laughing in Circles was founded with the goal to entertain and educate through improvisational comedy. We are dedicated to creating a unique and successful event, specifically tailored to each client.

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