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Phone: 732-777-1326
For grades: prek-5
Fees for live visit: $1500 per day plus travel


Sensei Ron »

We had been looking forward to your assembly for our after school child care programs, and we were not disappointed. The staff and I were very impressed with your energy, your enthusiasm, and your ability to keep so many children focused and excited.
--- Karin Burk, Director, Prime Time SACC

The Fun Fitness program designed to educate children about Powercises . Powrecises are natural body weight exercises that can be done anywhere to keep bodies physically healthy and functional. We teach students that movement is fun. By using different exercises the children will be able to develop and maintain strong muscle tone, keep fat down and gain an understanding of what it means to have a fit mind and body. This comprehensive assembly program will cover nutrition, the importance of fruits and vegetables and the benefits of water and juice, as opposed to the toxicity of sodas. Motivational activities will have the children figuring out ways they can choose to eat healthier. Also featured is a demonstration on the proper techniques for picking up and carrying book bags so that children do not grow up with back problems.

-------------------------------------------------------------Did you know that bullying is one of the major factors that affect a child's self esteem and self confidence? Bullying comes in two forms, physical and mental. Physical bruises will eventually heal. Mental bullying effects can last a lifetime. Shua Life Skills will teach children how to avoid being bullied and how to help others if they see a bullying situation happening. The following topics are discussed in the program:

  • What is a bully?
  • Why is a bully a bully?
  • What is a victim?
  • What is the bullying cycle?
  • How can a child break the bullying cycle?
  • Teaching a child how not to react to a bully's taunts
  • Mental defense against mental bullying
  • What to do if a child sees a bullying situation
  • Why calling for help is not tattling
      This program will help children regain their confidence and power and never have to be afraid of bullies again.---------------------------------------------------------------

      Strangers are everywhere, yet children are not trained to effectively deal with a stranger situation. This program teaches children how to:

      • Identify a stranger
      • Distinguish characteristics and actions of a stranger
      • Role play on how to get away from a stranger
      • Identify lies that strangers will use to lure them
      • Teach strategies to escape from a stranger
      • Attract attention and get help
      • Work as a group to stop a stranger Vital information for today's world.
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        Ron Shuali is the creator and founder of Shua-Life Skills. Ron created Shua-Life Skills as the solution to the constant changing society where many essential life skills are getting skipped over in education. This approach has been of benefit to scores of schools, adults and children. Formerly a classic nerd and 98-pound weakling, Ron has been called the "Champion of the Underdog." Ron's education spans that beyond traditional education. Ron spent over 10 years studying philosophy, psychology and many other modalities in his quest for truly understanding why and how the human mind works. He is now a certified personal trainer, a black belt martial arts instructor, a reiki master, a former professional wrestler and a F.I.T. master instructor. His programs have effectively changed the lives of thousands of children and adults that the programs have reached.

        His professional resume includes performing numerous fitness, bully and stranger prevention assembly programs in public and private schools, and training teachers and physical educator in health and wellness workshops. His popular, life changing "Bringing Respect Back to Schools" seminar was presented to over 100 schools including at the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Youth Children) conference multiple times. Ron was invited to present at the NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) conference in November 2008. He has articles that he has written and that have been written about him. He has been on NJ12 multiple times and is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association and is certified to provide professional development hours for New Jersey educators.

        Ron is also an active member of Safe Kids Middlesex County of the Level One Trauma Center @ Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital; the local affiliate of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children ages 14 and under. Through his pro bono community outreach and educational programming, Ron helps Safe Kids Middlesex County raise awareness of conflict resolution and bullying, and improve the overall safety of the residents of Central Jersey.

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