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Phone: 336 505-9452
For grades: pre-k -12
Requirements for live visit: CD Player, Microphone
Fees for live visit: please call



What an amazing and uplifting Event. To be able to hear of your rituals and to see them was most amazing.
--- Janee Rose

All About Africa is more than just an acrobatic show. It is a storytelling show that comes to life. As the Narrator takes the students through a journey of Africa the kids are mesmerized and spellbound to have the story come life. To Hear about the Tribal Rituals is amazing, But to See it played out is Astonishing.All About Africa Are natives of Africa and will encourage the Students to join in on the Tribal Calls. Not only will the students be amazed, but they will Actually learn and retain information from this Assembly.One Question the Students Ask the Performers is HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DO THAT! The performers will stress to them to stay in school and learn because without education They would not be able to be World Travelers.

All About Africa is a learning Experience that will teach students the importance of working hard and being thankful for the privileges they have by living in the UNITED STATES.

All of the performers come from Africa. And are happy to Answer questions at the end of each session.

Also available...

All About Africa is a Touring Company of African StoryTellers, Magicians and Acrobats. Performing Worldwide in an assortment of venues, All About Africa will bring their educational program to your school.

ALL ABOUT AFRICA prides themselves on being able to uplift the students and let them know although they have struggles in Africa, They never lost hope for a brighter future and Better Education

Each show is tailored to fit appropriate Age groups. And Will Also answer questions from the students after each Session.

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