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Phone: 732-229-4949
For grades: pre-k up to grade 3
Fees for live visit: 300.00 per performance
Funding: n/a


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He really keeps the kids interested and it went by so quickly that we knew we were having a great time.
--- Children's Center of Monmouth County

Upbeat and fun as well as easy to sing is what Shenanigans is being described as. Mr.Mike will bring the party when he comes to see you. Plenty of rockin'and rollin' as well as messages on manners and hygiene with "The Achoo song" as well as good health with "Veggie Rock"(Peas & Carrots). There are also games galore with his famous "air guitar" contest, freeze dancing as well as his bottomless bag of instruments for everyone to enjoy. He may even bring you up on stage to help out!
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Mr. Mike is a Special Needs Music Teacher with over 10 years experience plus another 5 years as a Music Together Teacher.His very first Children's Music CD "Shenanigans,Fun Learning Songs" was picked up by the Kimbo Educational Label only a few weeks after he finished recording it. The CD is being distributed around the country and even overseas. it is available in several School catalogs including Kaplan's and can be purchased at is under a multi album contract with Kimbo Educational Records. Kimbo is the largest Children's Educational Music Company in the country with national and international distribution. Look for his new release Ribbons & Rhythms which is scheduled for release in 2009.
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