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Phone: 866-653-2853
For grades: All grades, including adults
Requirements for live visit: The first hour of transportation is free with no travel fee applied.
Fees for live visit:
Funding: - Police departments frequently offer grants for safety programming, including our SkateScience show. - EnergyZone and CoolScience may be covered by Green Schools grants and are covered by NJ's Clean Communities grants.


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This was the first assembly all year that kept my students' attention. We may skip our classtime and sneak in for the afternoon assembly too.
--- Rhonda, Paraprofessional for Life Skills Students, Highcliff Elementary

Bring excitement and wonder to your school with a Wondergy science program. Imagine a school assembly that sparks the students' interests (as well as making real sparks), a professionally animated laser show controlled by the students, or making ice cream in under 30 seconds! Wondergy's interactive, inquiry-based programs spark curiosity and imagination in kids and adults.


Popular offerings include:

  • CoolScience: Play with Liquid Nitrogen, hammer a nail into wood using only a banana, and make ice cream in 30 seconds!
  • LaserScience: Brighten your assembly with a laser show you control!
  • EnergyZone: Spark their interest by generating electricity on the spot, 100% volunteer-powered!  Learn to generate your own power, harness the energy of the sun, and conserve what you use.
  • Falling Up: Think you're under pressure? You don't know the half of it... Come see what's going on all around us!
  • SoundScience: Explore how sound looks and feels and then make your own working speaker!
  • SkateScience:  Looking for something a bit more extreme?  Together with our Pro Skaters, we'll learn about the science that makes skate-boarding possible, and the physics that make tricks so exciting!


Wondergy will custom develop programs for most topics and venues. On occasion, we have even turned the development process into a program!

For more information, call us toll-free at 86-MOLECULE or email us at

Also available...

All Wondergy presenters have university science training; we focus on fun while remaining true to our educational goals. All Wondergy programs are aligned with the National Science Standards and cross all disciplines. In fact, we authored the Physical Science Curriculum for the School District of Philadelphia. Let us orchestrate a science day at your school, camp, or community center. For more in-depth impact, ask us about professional development and teacher training

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Roosevelt Alternative School:
The show was great! The content was meaningful. The students made the connection between the physiology of the eye and the mechanics of the laser. They also got to see another side of math -- that...
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Jewish Community High School of Gratz College:
My kids LOVE you!...
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