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Phone: 347 623 6404
For grades: pre k to college
Requirements for live visit: wooden floor,
Fees for live visit: please call


West African dance/ music and Tap dance »

I am so impressed, I have never seen anything like this.
--- Gregory Hines

Holiday Seasons around the World .. .. .. Pre K to 4th Grade

Travel around the world with the Féraba Fairy and see how different cultures celebrate the holiday season. Audiences will explore the arrival of St. Nikolaus & Krampus (Austria, Europe) from the Catholic tradition, the harvest celebration (Guinea, West Africa), and Sounahori Salli-a festival of song and dance accompanied by a great feast that celebrates the traditional ending of Ramadan in the Muslim world. The holiday fairy also engages the audience with a quiz show game, asking questions about Kwanzaa and Hanukah.

The Roots of Tap .. .. .. Pre K to 12th Grade

This program traces the unique history of tap dancing, which dates back almost 400 years. The story encompasses early African slave dances (Ring Shout c. 17th century) as they fused with the rhythms and dances – jig, hornpipe, and clogging - from Irish and English immigrants who settled in America in the 1800's-1900's. Dances featured on the program include the Ring Shout, Bill Bojangles Robinson's routines, Eddie Brown's BS chorus, and traditional West African Dances. Also incorporated are contemporary pieces created by Irene Koloseus revealing how rhythm tap can be re-integrated with its roots in African dance to create new and exciting works pushing the boundaries of the art form.

The Magic Woman .. .. .. Pre K to 4th Grade.

This show, geared toward younger audiences, entrances and captivates with an imaginative and interactive story emphasizing the uniqueness of several different cultures. In addition, it explores the universality of rhythm/music/dance as a language shared by all. The Magic Woman, with her special charms, brings together people from different cultures including Austria, Africa (Guinea, Ivory Coast), Japan and the USA and shows how we can create harmony among all.

Sounds/Dance of the Mandingo Empire .. .. .. Pre K to 12th Grade

The Mandingo Empire was founded by Sundiata in the early 13th century. It lasted in various forms until the 17th century and played a unique role in regional oral tradition. Geographically, it extended from present-day northern Guinea to southern Mali. This show focuses on "exotic" West African instruments originating from this area, including the Krin, Bolon, Balafon, N'Goni, bells, shakers, Kora, drums, Mbira and many more. As an incredible musical journey to Africa the show also features West African dances from this time period.

BIASHI: The Journey .. .. .. Pre K to 12th Grade

Join the group as they take you on a journey of rhythm. Féraba delivers a soul-inspiring combination of traditional instruments, vocals, and dance guaranteed to captivate, astonish, and move the audience. Performers from four continents fuse tap, hip hop, body percussion and traditional West African songs and dance into an electrifying art form that truly reflects the melting pot that is America.
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Féraba was founded in New York City in 1995, through the collective creative vision of Austrian tap dancer Irene Koloseus and world-renowned master balafonist Abou Sylla from Guinea, West Africa.

A multicultural and multiethnic performance group, Féraba fuses the traditional sounds and movements of West Africa with the American artistic forms of tap dance and jazz in a unique and exciting way. Féraba exposes its audience to many different cultures, and seeks to create a bond of understanding among the people of the world, suggesting that this diversity enriches one's life.

Féraba's explosive blend has been well received by audiences worldwide, including performances at Lincoln Center, Aaron Davis Hall, Town Hall, and other prestigious venues throughout the U.S., Europe, and West Africa. Through community outreach, Féraba also brings its extraordinary programs to hospitals, schools, universities, and libraries in the New York metropolitan area.

This award winning company has received numerous grants, including a NYFA fellowship for music composition, and has been featured on several international radio and television programs.

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