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Phone: 816-309-2460
For grades: K-5
Fees for live visit: Fees vary based on program and travel.


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Your presentation fit so well as we work to develop an appreciation of each child's unique gifts and talents. You have a wonderful message to share in such an entertaining and engaging way!
--- Kathy Perez, Chapel Hill Elementary

Happy Faces Entertainment provides a variety of performances and workshops, including magic, interactive storytelling, balloon art, face painting, improvisational acting and clowning. Sit back and enjoy a show, be a part of the fun on-stage or get hands-on in a workshop. There is a piece of P.I.E. just for you. HFE can PLAY games for a fun time of enjoying movement, ILLUMINATE you with workshops or a character education program and ENTERTAIN you with a show full of fun and laughter. A variety of programs are offered to work with themes like the circus, Olympics or the 1950's. Everyday is a school day when you are willing to learn something new. Happy Faces Entertainment can help you learn and have fun doing it.
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Dennis Porter has worked on and off-stage for most of his life with community, educational, amusement park and professional theaters around the country. Dennis performs professionally as a clown, actor, magician, storyteller, balloon artist, face painter, improv comedian, instructor and emcee. He takes his years of education and life skills to make each program fun and a learning experience, all at once. In a small group or large crowd, everyone seems to relate to his high-energy demonstration of enjoying life to its' best.
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