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Phone: (310) 413-0165
For grades: preschool & K-12
Requirements for live visit: ***
Fees for live visit: $300/1.5hr...adaptable to time spent
Funding: ***


specifically tailored, collaborative lessons »

Sarah and Frank embody what they teach. They blend reverence, words, and music to create an educational style thats both unique and engaging.
--- ***

TaoMide: The Truth of the Life Way...Finding the rhythm of your own inner drum

We intend to provide youth with a life way that inherently embraces learning, creative expression, and gives them the tools to harness their energy in a positive, productive manner. We invite socially conscious expressionists to commune with the youth on common ground within a safe and nurturing environment. Through shared expression the facilitators will engage students, unlocking creative potential, inspiring the children to re-create and reveal themselves through the power of expressive art. It is our goal to nurture the creative spirit within each child. Through various curriculum in partnership with collaborative experience we will encourage each individual to listen, contribute, reflect and share upon their present state of being, and what they have learned. Imagination is the key, it becomes the bridge between what is learned and what is inherent within each participant. Each experience is individually tailored to the group, as appropriate school curriculum along with co-creative engagement of the students, gives way to a completely live and collaborative lesson. This is in many ways the essence of TaoMide…That all moments are new, because we have engaged them with authenticity and grace.

~Some Pathways To The Expressive Self

Poetry,Storytelling,Music,Song,Improve,Movement/Dance,Performance,Conscious Conversations,Individual Creation Stories,Meditation...


TaoMide Presents:

Who am I & City Safety?

What is my Hip Hop?

Open with Toning and Movement: 15 min

~Discuss benefits of meditation, breath toning etc…to calm & understand emotions

~Vowel toning: Intention is to embody vowels, great for speech…a focused sound...

Story: 30 min

~story example w Frank and Sarah, then story is acted out w/kids interpretation

Music: 15 min

~Song, about city life and safety

Collective Creation: 30 min

~Children will be asked what they liked the best about the experience, and to choose their own way to express it, ie. "I liked the toning",…"I liked the bear in the story". They will then use their voice, their body, and their instrument to re-mix the experience they chose. This is the essence of Hip Hop, using something that already exists and adding your own essence to it to create a whole new experience.

Also available...

"We created TaoMide with the intention of cultivating a learning experience where teacher and student co-create the lesson together. Where teacher assumes the roll of facilitator and the students are inspired to seek and create the answers for themselves" ~Sarah Cruse

Unsatisfied with the way that they had experienced classrooms and learning, Frank and Sarah have spent their lives reaching for and cultivating a way in which to access the 'learning seed'...The curiosity that lends itself to intellect and creativity...How is such a place reached and engaged? The big question ~;) The answer...Is always changing...

Performance Poetry is where they found it. Both Sarah and Frank have spend the last 4 years working with youth, performing thier arts, and discovering the language it takes to bridge the worlds of what is intrinsic to self, and what is learned.

The Law of Exponential Properties: Two things come together to create something that is exponetially greater than either of the two alone.

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