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Phone: 703-765-1923
For grades: K-5
Fees for live visit: $495-800


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No Bullies Allowed
An ultra-hot topical program that teaches children why they should respect others as well as some effective techniques to deal with bullying. This program was developed with the assistance of an elementary school.

Yes, We Can!
My super-popular self-esteem program thatteaches kids how to look past the surface of people as well as the value of never giving up and more!

We Say NO! An anti-Drug program
An important program that teaches children the importance of staying away from drugs, thedangers of drugs, and how they can have a GREAT life by saying 'No.'

ChildTime Magic programs are booked for half-day programs and full day programs, not by the number of presentations. To maximize the educational impact of the programs we encourage you to book one or two smaller age groups rather than one large group. We have designed our programs by topic and age.
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Louis Meyer - Magician
As a professional magician I have entertained the DC metro area for years. Magic started as a hobby as a boy and has now grown into a full time professional business. My goal is to bring a style of magic that is contemporary and educational. I have 18 years of experience working with children as a magician and photographer. I have learned what makes kids laugh and have fun but I also want to teach them something that will actually change their lives for the better. My shows bring a level of excitement and magic to entertain children of all ages. My specialty has been doing magic shows but I now have combined magic with important messages to entertain but yet also teach. My programs leave the kids excited and happy but also with tools that they can use to further help them in life.

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