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Phone: 425-518-6110
For grades: 6-12
Requirements for live visit: gym floor or auditorium stage that has ample room for the set up of the band
Fees for live visit: $2.00 per student plus travel food and lodging costs
Funding: Please contact a booking volunteer for more information on this topic.


Musical Act Against Teen Violence »

A band like that is more popular with the kids today. They enjoyed the music but also heard an important message about tolerance and respect.
--- Bob Hacker Principal of South Decatur High School in Indiana

Our program provides students with insightful ways to look and and handle ridicule and negativity. Positive thinking is at the core of the lesson along with appreciating yourself for who you are and understanding each of each other's differences. The best part of the program though is the live band that accompanies the young and fresh speakers!!! Students get to enjoy being entertained by an awesome quality rock band from Seattle while learning some very important life lessons. Fun and enlightenment come together to make this assembly program an event your students will be positively impacted by for years to come!!!
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One Big Team is an assembly program that is intended for the entire student body and is designed to take about one class period worth of time. The primary objective of One Big Team is to decrease acts of violence by teaching students why people are the way they are and promoting teamwork. What makes One Big Team different is that it's not just a lecturer, but an actual live band accompanied by young speakers that the students can easily relate to.
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