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Phone: 800-669-9850
For grades: K-12


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Kids, parents and teachers always love our day with the Finnigan's. We have had them back every year they have been available.
--- Edwards Elementary School, Hudson, NY


This is a full day program filling the students with "brain food." First, all students attend grade level classes where they are guaranteed to learn to juggle with slow-moving scarves. Then, every student performs in a full school assembly. Finally, kids teach their parents to juggle that evening at Family Juggling Night. Juggling is a "right-brain break in the left-brain day," and great for rainy-day recess. This program has been delivered over 2,000 times by Dave Finnigan, the acknowledged Dean of Juggling Teachers, and his daughter, Dorothy.
Kids, parents and teachers always love our day with the Finnigan's. We have had them back every year they have been available.


This full day program frames issues and solutions around Climate Change and involves your entire school in action toward sustainability. Each grade experiences a piece of the climate change puzzle through fun physical activities in the gym, role playing polar bears, penguins, frogs, glaciers, or hurricanes. At the end of the day, students assemble the pieces by presenting their activity at an all-school assembly. In the evening program, "My Earth My Health," students show parents what they learned and each family develops a Family Sustainability Checklist to help themselves, their school, their community, and the planet.
"This is a hot topic and could have been tough to understand. It was presented well and was easy to comprehend." - Laurel Springs School, Laurel Springs, NJ
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Dave Finnigan, who designed both of these programs,has a BA from Cornell in Anthropology and a Mastersin Health Education (MPH) from Berkeley. He workedfrom 1967-1976 in Population and DevelopmentPlanning Programs in East Asia.From 1976 through 2005 Dave took the self-esteemand school-esteem program, Juggling for Success™,to over 2,000 elementary and middle schools in NorthAmerica. Dave's educational preparation, his 10 yearsof experience working in attitude change regardingpopulation and family planning in Asia and his 30years of working in schools has given him a uniqueset of insights and tools to help design, test, refine,and implement the Climate Change is Elementary™Program for schools.

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