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Phone: 530/864-6794
For grades: 2-8
Fees for live visit: $350 for 1st assembly, $250 for next etc. + travel.


Counselor/Violence Prevention Specialist »

I thought the assembly was the best I'd ever seen and having this minute of inspiration/skills training each morning just continues the learning. I think it helps me as much as the kids!
--- Susan Cameron, Murdock Elementary

Contact: Rusty May
Tel. 530/864-6794
Cell Phone: 530/864-6794

School Tools Developing the Assets for Achievement In School & Beyond

Critical social skills are necessary for success in today's ultra competitive environment. Schools are using technology to expose students to these skills from the beginning.

Chico, CA September 26, 2008 In today's test-oriented educational environment, schools are looking for new ways to deliver the social skills education students need to succeed and to effectively deal with the challenge of making good choices and maintaining positive relationships across a life span. Rusty May, school counselor and violence prevention specialist for Glenn County Office of Education, has developed School Tools; a daily inspirational, skills based assembly and web cast that focuses on student achievement in one minute a day.

School Tools is helping to create environments that foster ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values that we all share. School Tools provides practical tools and solutions that address the ethical, academic and safety issues that are of growing concern in our schools and in our society. Key topics include motivation, teamwork, health & wellness, gratitude and friendship. Bottom line, School Tools creates a foundation of positive values for every student in the class.

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  • Rusty has made over 3,000 presentations in K-12 classrooms around Northern California.
  • School Tools has received 2 Promising Practices Awards from Character Education Partenership
  • Violence Prevention Specialist for Glenn County Office of Education, delivering violence prevention curriculum to 40 classrooms on a weekly basis. Met individually with teachers and students to discuss personal challenges, social skills development and family situations.
  • Work closely with families to identify and rectify challenges to an individual's success and to discuss family situation.
  • Access local social organizations to assist the family in overcoming multi-generational challenges.
  • Focus on eliminating violence behaviors as an option, anger management, conflict resolution, empathy, listening & communication, effective creation and recognition of boundaries and feelings.
  • Work one-on one with youth in foster care dealing with issues relating to violence, family dynamics and
  • Teach 3 Domestic Violence Classes and 1 Child Endangerment Class a week for New Beginnings.
  • Manage a daily distance-counseling curriculum dealing with social skills development that is delivered via close circuit TV in local elementary schools.
  • Certified Second Step Trainer.
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