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Phone: 323 969 2528
For grades: K - 5 and Pre Schoolers too
Requirements for live visit: Sound system for larger shows if possible
Fees for live visit: In LA area .....$350 per 45 minute show (2 show minimum for over 200 kids) or $150 per 1 hour class (up to 30 kids)


Performed and taught by Miss Joy the singing dancing entertainer kids, parents and teachers LOVE! »

Congratulations your show is brilliant. My kids were jumping and dancing the whole time. My kids loved it!
--- A parent

The Joy House is a multi - media program consisting of school assemblies, after school and pre shool programs, dance parties, music for kids and The Joy House TV Show. The Joy House teaches children to dream via original "Joy House" songs that Miss Joy writes for the kids.

Miss Joy gets kids up dancing, moving, grooving and singing while promoting fitness, excercise, gymnastics and shows the kids how to stretch everyday. She stresses the importance of eating right and teaches kids how easy it is to sing and song write. She also gets the teachers up to dance and the children have to choose the BEST dancer. She plays some interactive/ singing /dancing games with the kids. This all depends on the ages and size of audience. She has an ability to tap into children's creativity Use your imagination, create a NEW creation

By teaching through such a unique, fun and creative way it seems the children really respond to what she has to say about discipline, manners, the importance of listening to parents and teachers and people who love them, what kids should do everyday plus she gives them ideas and ways to keep themselves busy and creative so they don't get bored. This is what The Joy House is basically about. Practice makes perfect!She has an ability to bring out the artist in EVERYONE, giving children the tools that may spark an interest or the confidence to express themselves their own way. Do what you love and love what you do … The secret to inner happiness and joy!

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Here is a great idea for a new program or assembly at your school.THE JOY HOUSE for kids.

Angelina Joy Emanuele, AKA Miss Joy, was nominated for her exceptional work with children, via her unique interactive program which was nominated as 2007 National Finalist for Cable's Leader's in Learning sponsored by The Library of Congress in Washington DC, Time Warner and Cable in the Classroom for Artistic and General Excellence.

LAPD's PAL (Police Activities League of Hollywood) also sponsored The Joy House for kids and THE JOY HOUSE TV Show aired for three years every Saturday Morning on LA Channel 36, The Creative Learning Channel, sponsored by Mayor Riordan.

Miss Joy, as the children call her, is an Australian who has been awarded many certificates from The City of Los Angeles and organizations from around the world for her work with children and the community. She has been working as a professional dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter and producer since a young teenager. She is now devoting all her time, energy, music, artistry, creativity and gift for communicating and teaching others, to children. The kids adore her, she inspires and has an ability to motivate all.

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