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Phone: 317-292-3111
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: Please call. Depends on block booking and tour routes.


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Introducing: InVision One Rhythm. Sound Schools. After a group of bumbling space travelers crash lands on Earth, they abandon their spaceship and set out in search of assistance. They never expected to find a gymnasium full of students and teachers more than willing to help them out. Our heroes from beyond quickly learn that they must work in concert with their newfound friends to power their spaceship and return home. InVision: The Experience highlights the universal themes of respect for self and others, the importance of positive decision making, and working together to achieve a common goal.

The Experience is a world-class performance with a universal message. Designed for students in elementary and middle schools, this program is an interactive, drumming spectacle that lasts approximately 45 minutes. The Experience relies heavily on crowd participation and audience members will clap their hands, stomp their feet, and yell on cue as they play along with our cast of characters. This is one school assembly program that students and teachers won't soon forget and they will carry the lessons learned in the program with them throughout the school year.
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Innovative Youth Solutions is a fresh and creative teaching model committed to improving the school experience for all students. We have many different programs available to serve this purpose. IYS is based in Indianapolis, IN and Lexington, KY. We are excited to announce the September 2008 release of InVision: The Experience, our new program model for elementary and middle school students.

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"One Rhythm. Sound Schools."

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