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Phone: 8885433101
For grades: Elementary, Middle, High School
Requirements for live visit: Have Motor Coach (RV) Multi School Discounts for Tours Distict/County/Parish
Fees for live visit: Starting at $575 / Muti School Discounts / Tours See Web Site or call
Funding: Drug Free, Tobacco Free, Abstinence Awareness, Health Dept.


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I can't say enough about the time you spent with our students. From your beginning assembly with the entire student body, and your four smaller breakout groups, you had an impact on our students. It was a great way to begin the year. I'll be in touch.
--- Principal Amy Edwards, Loris Elementary School, Loris , SC

Students: Attitude Is Everything!
Staff: Going to a Level 10
Parents: Who's the parent?

The mission: Youth Motivation to join educators on the front lines in promoting a very positive attitude - a message that can and will mold the future of young lives. Our ultimate desire is youth motivation, to help produce happy, goal-oriented, better performers in our young adult society. The purpose: Youth Motivation to help students become motivated as well as maintain their motivation, and to understand that education is the avenue to their dream. Goal setting supports the growth of a winning attitude for success by building character and reinforcing refusal skills as a deterrent to skipping school, student drop out, smoking, drugs, violence and teen pregnancy. Diversity: Michael's experience in the military as a drill sergeant enables him to identify with a diverse population of people, not just students. His ability to relate to all ethnic groups is one of his many strengths and shines through when speaking to a diverse audience. The audience will find him intriguing as well as interesting as they are captivated with his unique gift to communicate at any level. Students, parents, staff development. School tours for elementary, middle & high school. Visit our website.
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Attitude Is Everything!Goals: Are the road maps to your dreams…

"How does he do it?
AGE… Appearance, Gift and Experiences.
Michael's mysterious ethnic appearance gives him an "Equal Opportunity" look, which makes him all the more able to win audiences of any race. He is a role model because he not only "talks the talk," But "walks the walk."

Traci R. Smith, Arlington, TX

Introduction of Speaker:

Michael Walden began his speaking career over 17 years ago as a Staff Sergeant in the 82nd AIRBORNE Division of the U.S. Army. As a leader, he not only trained military recruits but went the extra mile to address concerns in building self-esteem, critical decision making techniques and providing guidance to soldiers to take responsibility for their actions.

Michael found that he has a gift is working with youth and motivating them to reach for their dreams. He began Attitude Is Everything! 7 years ago. Michael believes that "Attitude Is Everything!" and GOALS are the road maps to your dreams; and that one without a positive attitude and GOALS will not reach their full potential.

Michael tours by motor coach across the United States as well as Canada and Mexico and speaks to over 100,000 students each year.

Michael is talented in several areas including acting, and hosting a television show. Michael's acting career has allowed him to work with super stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gipson and the ROCK.

Michael also rescues young people out of drug houses and looks for runaways when he is not presenting.
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