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Phone: (586)913-3036
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: Varies by Program ($350-$600). Discounts and Grants available
Funding: Many of our programs have grants available. Whenever possible, we take care of all the grant paperwork and you get an INSTANT discount off the performance fees.


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All 3 of the presentations were the highlights of this year's assembly schedule.
--- James Masterly, Principal - Winston Elementary

Dollars and Sense Show: A unique program that gets students on the right track of saving money and making wise purchase decisions at a young age. Lessons about money responsibility and needs vs. wants are all covered in this fun and energetic show.

Harpbeat of America: You have never heard a harp played like this! Musician Donna Novack creates fun and energetic songs about America's history, people, places while playing a large 7 foot harp. Students get involved in this musical journey across the USA.

Friendship Skills and No Bullies Show: A program designed to meet the no bullying curriculum required in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois schools, this show uses variety arts to convery an important life skills lesson for grades K-6.

The Spoonman:Author and offbeat comedy musician, The Spoonman creates unique music using ordinary household spoons. Hilarious costumes, tons of student involvement, and toe-tapping music make this assembly a winner for all grades. Spoonman has several programs, including anti-drug, positive self-esteem, reading, and a program with a message just for parochial schools.

See our website for a complete list of all our acclaimed presentations.
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The Michigan and Midwest School Show Guide represents 20 award-winning school assembly programs designed to blend with the curriculum of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois elementary and middle schools. Together, our performers present over 3000 educational and "just for fun" assembly programs at schools all across the Midwest.

Some of our presenters have appeared on national television, written acclaimed books, and even hold Guinness World Records. Most importantly, however, our assembly entertainers are experts in entertaining and educating elementary audiences.

Instant grants and discounts are available for many of our programs. See our website for current grants available.

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