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Phone: 859 291 6633
For grades: Grades 1 through 8
Fees for live visit: $390.00


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Terry Francis gives the art of magic a fresh dimension. The program appeals to all ages, has far-reaching educational value and shows creativity and energy.
--- Martha Anderson, Artist Series Coordinator, The Lexington School

Terry Francis has two traditional magic shows to offer.One is designed for students in grades 1 through 4. The other is designed for grades 5 through 8. Both shows contain many classics of magic such as the magical appearance or disappearance of doves, the cut and restored rope, the torn and restored newspaper, 21th Century Silks, the levitating Coke glass,the magic mirror,the linking rings, just to name a few. The shows will always have audience particpation and will have a humorous storyline to accompany each trick. The show will emphasize magic as the oldest form of theatre known to man. If having a specific theme is requested, such as self-esteem or the danger of using drugs, that can be arranged as well. Terry Francis loves his audience and loves performing for them.
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Terry Francis saw his first magic show at an elementary school assembly program when he was in the fourth grade. From that moment on he was hooked. Nineteen years and two college degrees later he had his own stage show and was performing for schools, libraries, malls, various companies, and churches. Terry's magic took a six year hiatus when he joined the Navy in 1987. After serving in Operation Desert Storm he left the service in 1993 and returned to Kentucky, determined to develope an even more entertaining and polished show with new routines and new effects. The result is a magic show filled with wonder, humor, and fun. Let Terry take you through his magical world of conjuring and you will have a truly memorable hour of entertainment for your school.
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