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Phone: 610-570-4196
For grades: Daycare - 8th grade
Requirements for live visit: Organization needs to have a large movie screen or a big white wall and electrical outlets for sound system and power point show.
Fees for live visit: Rates for Visits Within 70 Miles of Clinton, New Jersey Single Performance: $500 , Additional Same Day Performances: $250 each , Full Day Visit: $850 (includes up to three 50–minute presentations) Rates for Visits over 70 Miles of Clinton, New Jersey
Funding: If a school or organization would like to book a presentation and needs a little financial help they can contact my publisher at and request an Author Visit Request Form. 10 To 2 Children's Books will pay for a percentage of the show but the school will have to verify that they do not have the means. This will allow a schools or organizations that couldn't normally afford my presentation to bring it to their children


By Children's Book Author/Singer/Songwriter Daryl Cobb »

Your presentation was wonderful! Your displays were awesome! Books are phenomenal! Love them! We loved your music and songs. It really kept the students attention. They were interested and captivated by your work. You were a hit!
--- Hillary Della Penna, Librarian at East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ

"Teaching Through Creative Arts"
This show is designed to accommodate children from pre-k through 8th grade. With simple adjustments to content, this presentation can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Age groups should be separated appropriately.

Daryl shows children that creativity comes in many forms, whether through music, art, writing, or acting. Today a child may see his show and leave wanting to play the guitar, sing, act, write or draw.

The show is propelled along by a visually stimulating power point presentation. Daryl uses 164 graphic images to teach and entertain the children during the show. The text in the presentation has been color coded to help the kids recognize when it is time to participate.

A discussion of the bookmaking process is weaved into the presentation in various places. As Daryl does a reading of "Bill the Bat Loves Halloween," the children learn about the illustration process called the story board. Daryl has placed the original story board illustrations over the top of each finished illustration so the children can see where the process began and compare it to the finished work.

Daryl will select children out of the audience to join him in reading his books. He uses most of his published books during the presentation. He will make adjustments to this segment to accommodate differnt reading levels.

Daryl also plays the acoustic guitar and sings. He uses songs that he wrote for the show that have a creative or inspirational message, such as "Reading in Bed," "You Can Be Anything You Want To Be" and "What Do You Dream About." These songs were created to show the children that using your creativity is an exciting adventure. "Reading in Bed" and "What Do You Dream About" are both driven forward by the use of graphic illustrations created by Manuela Pentangelo (Bill the Bat) and Traci Von Wagoner (Daddy Did I Ever Say?).

An interactive discussion about where the ideas for stories come from is part of the show. The kids will learn the story behind each of Daryl's own stories and what sparked the ideas for Daryl's books. In addition by using words from classic children's songs, Daryl teaches the children how to take existing works and create something new from something old.

An interactive segment on story creation teaches the children about creating conflict and why conflict is important in a story. During this exercise the kids learn about story development and the importance of detail. With Daryl's guidance, the children create a story using their own ideas. They are always excited to see how their ideas unfold.

Daryl also uses classic songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "This Old Man", and "Monkeys on the Bed" to teach the kids about music! "I always start off playing them a part of the original version and then go on to show them that by simple changes to the tempo and the arrangement, you can create a whole new feeling to a song. "Adjustments are made to this segment to accommodate older children.

Readers' theatre is an interactive storytelling segment where some specially selected kids join Daryl in acting out Daryl's story "Do Pirates Go to School." This segment is adjusted to include teachers when the children are too young to read out loud.

Grades 6 and Up
Daryl's presentations can be adjusted to fit your particular need:

He will talk to the kids about his experience in the publishing business.

He will discuss the importance of the illustrator to a picture book and where to find them.

For children 6 grade and older he offers a detailed discussion of the book making process. The program is filled with graphics that take the kids through the process step by step. The students will also learn what it takes to bring a book to the market place.
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Daryl Cobb is an author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor who promotes literacy through creative arts. His published works include "Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home" "Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day," "Daniel Dinosaur" and "Bill the Bat Loves Halloween."

Most of his written work is specifically for children, originally created for his own two children as bedtime stories. Daryl is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is a facilitator with the Hunterdon County SCBWI writers' group in New Jersey.

Daryl's writing began in college as a Theatre Arts major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He found a freshman writing class inspiring and, combined with his love for music and the guitar, he discovered that he had a talent that would motivate him for years to come. After college, he spent a couple of years doing children's traveling theatre. He has appeared on stage in theatrical productions for adults and children across the country.

Music has always been Daryl's main passion through the years. He is a member of the Nashville's Song Writer's Association and has been writing music for more than 25 years. Daryl says, "I see myself as a storyteller, whether it is told by song or through books. I was born to do this. I love rhythm and rhyme and I have added that to the stories that I create."

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