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Phone: 413-259-1146
For grades: Pre-K - Grade 12
Fees for live visit: $350 per 1 hour show; $200 for additional programs on same day. Block booking rates available
Funding: Member of Mass. Cultural Council; BOCES in New York; SCLC in Connecticut.


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I can truly say that I have never seen our students -- and even our faculty -- enjoy and become so involved in a performance.The free pre-concert workshop was wonderful!
--- Ronnie Webster, Social Studies Teacher, Monson, MA Jr. Sr. High School

Across the Americas is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual folk music program is designed to involve students in learning about the folksongs, dances and instruments found throughout the Americas. Our journey takes us from the lumber camps of Quebec to the Incas of the Andes. I introduce a variety of traditional stringed, wind and percussion instruments involving students as singers, dancers, and percussionists. From Native and African Americans to Indo-European and recent Russian and Southeast Asian immigrants, the program explores our rich and diverse heritage through songs sung in many languages including Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swahili, and others. A comprehensive study guide is provided.


Related programs include:

  • This Land is Your Land- Celebrating America with regional folksongs
  • Colonial America through the American Revolution
  • Songs of the Civil War
  • Immigration and Industrial America
  • Westward Ho! From the praries to cowboy songs and yodeling instruction
  • Latin American Focus- Spanish songs, instruments, rhythms and dances
  • Ireland to America- Irish and Irish American songs, instruments and dances
  • Slavery to Civil Rights- Songs from the underground railroad to the 1960's
  • Under One Sky- Celebrating cultural diversity with songs from many cultures
  • Seas, Rivers and Waterways- Shanties, whaling, river and canal songs

Addition programs Include:

  • Earth Rhythms- Celebrating environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Children's Songs and Singing Games- Interactive for young children
  • Songwriting Workshops for Literacy Development- Working with themes that students choose such as  bullying, environmental and other topical issues. Free CDs recorded as final project!
  • A Winter Solstice Celebration- Seasonal and multucultural holiday songs
  • Community Concerts- Songs, family dances and sing-alongs for all ages

Also available...

Two-time Parents' Choice Award-winning recording artist, Roger Tincknell, offers entertaining, multicultural and educational folk music programs for ALL ages, from preschoolers to seniors. A versatile singer and multi-instrumentalist, Roger's repertoire ranges from ballads, country swing, bluegrass and yodeling to Latin American and international folksongs. He performs on a wide variety of string, wind and percussion instruments including: guitar, banjo, mandolin, bazouki, balaliaka, charango, cuatro, bamboo and cedar flutes, harmonica, Latin and African percussion instruments.


Roger has had over fifteen years as a classroom teacher and music specialist, and has also worked as an Artist-in-Residence, pioneering programs in multicultural education and special needs curriculum development. In addition to his educational background, Roger has been performing throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe for over 20 years. His performances feature audience participation through singing, dancing, and playing percussion instruments.


Roger's recordings include Carnivalito: A Little Carnival of Songs, featuring songs in Spanish and English; Earth Rhythms, songs celebrating the natural world and encouraging environmental awareness; Cooking Up A Rainbow, a playful mix of songs and sing-alongs; and The Bear Missed the Train, featuring animal songs for very young children. His most recent album, Traveling Man, includes a variety of  traditional American folksongs especially popular with older strudents.

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