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Phone: 615 631-7453
For grades: all grade levels
Fees for live visit: $200 for 1 presentation


Statue of Liberty, Speaker, Story Teller, History, Patriotic, »

She brought history to life for everyone in the room; students, teachers, staff, and parents. She did not stand there like a statue, but interacted with everyone in the room…I do not believe anyone who sees this presentation will ever be able to look at Lady Liberty the same again. It was an AMAZING presentation!
--- Angie Tucker, Teacher, Smyrna, TN

Lady Liberty Live is available for educational and/or patriotic presentations and appearances. The educational presentations are given in first-person as Lady Liberty sharing about the history of her life and Ellis Island.
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Rachael Rainwater is a native of the Middle Tennessee area. She grew up outside a small town called Liberty(!) and now resides in Murfreesboro, TN, a suburb of Nashville, where she graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

For as long as she can remember, Rachael has had an interest in performing, whether it be acting, singing, or public speaking. She loves to be on stage! Those interests, combined with a fascination about history, and a desire to share that fascination, made the transition to Lady Liberty seem natural!

"We first came up with the idea of Lady Liberty after looking at some pictures from a trip my husband and I took to New York City," she says. "At that time in my life I was seeking to find a career that I could be passionate about. So many Americans, school children and adults alike, don't know the story of this most important symbol of our country. To me, Lady Liberty is a beautiful image of what this nation is all about: freedom, hope, and the opportunity to follow your dreams. These very aspects of our country are what allow me to do what I do today as Lady Liberty!"

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