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Phone: (717) 665-7021 x 138
For grades: 3-12
Requirements for live visit: See program description for special requirements.
Fees for live visit: $600.00 per day


Royal Birds of Prey »

  • Program consists of up to 2 identical half-hour assembly programs.
  • The program can take place in an auditorium, gym or a schoolyard (weather permitting)
  • The show includes the flying of the birds, behaviors they use in the wild to hunt their prey, history of their use in falconry from the past to the present, as well as their place in the eco-system. Following the program, there wil lbe time for a question and answer period.

Items Needed For Presentation

An area at least 12 X 24 to perch the birds between programs

Access to the performance area either the morning of, or the day before depending on the distance of the school location

If more than two hours are traveled to perform, the school will need to provide a hotel room overnight stay.
Also available...

Ash Cary, Royal Falconer of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, will introduce his majestic birds of prey to your students. Birds may include the Lanner Falcon, African Augur Buzzard, European Eagle Owl, the Saker Falcon and others. Discover how these birds were used over the centuries for sport and why they are endangered today.

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