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Phone: 860-315-0205
For grades: 1-12
Fees for live visit: 1,000.00


Martial arts master Mike Bogdanski »

Martial arts master Mike Bogdanski was bullied and beaten up as a kid. Now, with a Bachelors degree in psychology and a Masters in counseling he teaches the H.E.R.O. Anti Bully program-Help Everyone Respect Others. Not just fluff but teaching the concepts of responsibility and courage. This assembly will touch the hearts and minds of your students. www.

If you'd like to reduce the national epidemic of bullying, give a bullied child an opportunity to turn from hate to hope and teach bullies to respect others, then this might be the most important assembly you'll ever need.

Four hundred students were so focused on Mike you could have heard a pin drop! Noveline Beltram, assistant principal.

Our main focus- to empower the bystander; teach kids to NOT accept bullying, help students being bullied and to ask adults for help is the main focus of this powerful assembly.
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  • Masters Degree in school counseling
  • Bachelors degree in Psychology
  • Internationally acclaimed speaker
  • Martial arts master
  • Recognized with Mike Bogdanski day by Connecticut Governor for his service to youth.
  • Nationally acclaimed anti bully program
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