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Phone: 404-502-3004
For grades: K-8
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Arthur Atsma recently visited our school and was a huge success! The students loved the show and are still talking about it! He did a fantastic job of integrating math and magic…showing the students that math is all around us in our everyday lives. Our school system works hard to expose our students to the Arts in many various forms and this was, by far, one of the best experiences we have been able to offer. Mr. Atsma was a pleasure to work and plan with and we look forward to bringing him back soon!
--- Michelle Frix Knight

The Magic Science Circus Teaches Newtonian Physics through circus stunts and sleight of hand magic. Gravity, inertia, the laws of motion, and centripetal force are demonstrated in a fun and interactive performance which will inspire your students to see the science circus in every day experiences!

Math, Measure, Movement, and Magic! strengthens basic math skills, shows how math is used everyday. Program demonstrates measuring of time, weight, distance, air pressure, and volume. Geometry, shape recognition, and number patterns are woven through entire presentation.

The Magic of Reading. takes the students on a journey into books that spans the world and the imagination. Magic tricks from distant land and time to the near and present, are woven into a program which encourages reading for fun.

Hands are for Helping, Not Hurting. is a character education program which encourages non violent conflict resolution by giving actual practical solutions! Show uses a variety of magical object lessons, puppetry, comedy, and interactive situations which motivate the students to act in community with each other.

A Magical/Musical Look at Early Georgia History. Covers colonial history up to the civil war. Using sleight of hand magic, banjo, story telling, and puppetry Arthur paints a picture of early Georgia history that students can identify with and understand.
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Arthur Atsma has over twenty three years of experience presenting amazing, educational shows for schools across the country.

Weaving cutting edge sleight of hand, comedy, and curriculum, Arthur's shows CAPTIVATE, EDUCATE, and MOTIVATE!

New shows are constantly being developed to fit the educational standards of today's schools. Arthur connects with the students quickly, and holds their attention as educational themes are woven in a tapestry of magic, music, theater, and art.

Arthur has won awards for outstanding magical performances as well as developed several magic effects used by today's top magicians. Arthur has performed around the world for royalty, celebrities, and former presidents. Always developing new ideas, working on fresh material, Arthur's programs are always current, and relevant to today's students.

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